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As mentioned above, The FRIENDS Club Swingers / Lifestyle Club website (about the club in Austin, Texas) may (emphasis on “may”) contain material, or links to mature themed material, explicit material, things of an explicit nature, nudity, sexual content, strong sexual content, XXX sites, or other things that MAY be offensive to some.  Don’t just skip to the Enter button if you are hesitant, or not of legal age to do so.  There are all sorts of sensual items to explore, and this site is mainly geared to swingers and lifestyle couples, but it could also be a connection to Milfs, Gilfs, Lesbians, Bi-Women, BDSM, kink, hotwives, or any number of other sexually charged activities and people !!! The most established, Sexiest swingers club in Austin ,Texas , is undeniably The FRIENDS Club.  Sometimes it is referred to as a Lifestyle Club, other times it may be referred to as a Private Club, and still others may think of it as a Sex Club, but we just think of it as a  gathering place for open minded  Adventurous Couples, Single or unattached ladies, and of course ... Swingers! There are those in ATX (the short version of Austin Texas)  that believe the Lifestyle to refer to BDSM, or Kink or approved cheating, but as a general rule when you are reading about it on our website we mean the Swinger Lifestyle. *By the way, we generally do not use ATX as a way to refer to Austin, as we like the city we live in, and  feel the Initials do not show enough pride for Austin, and Central Texas !!! For those that like to Swing in Austin, TX (ATX?) or Central Texas as a whole you may already be aware that there are many other couples that are swingers just like yourselves.  Swinging, Swinger Clubs, people that are interested in Swingers, and those that think they may become Swingers in Texas would probably be surprised at just how many other couples attend a club like The FRIENDS Club on a regular basis.We pride ourselves on being a discreet, private , Members Only Swinger Club that caters to those interested in the Lifestyle from virtually any background. The FRIENDS Club is not a Strip Club, or Massage Parlor, or an Escort Service.  It is an Adult Centered Dance and Nightlife club that is selective in the  Members that visit the location, as it may include Adult Activities, Erotic encounters, or other things  that tie in with the label of XXX.   IT’s basically a Night Club or Dance Club that allows nudity and a bohemian Lifestyle for Swinger and Swinger friendly People. The FRIENDS Club is set apart from clubs like Aphrodites, Anchovies, Evos, The real Players Club, Allure, Dante’s Passion, Charlies Angels, Live Oak Resort, PlayersATX, or virtually any Swinger club past or present, because we are focused on a party atmosphere, friends, companions, and  all of the Adult Oriented fun to be had in a Swinger Club, versus the establishment of VIP Seating, VIP Pricing, or VIP Private rooms. At The FRIENDS Club Swingers mix with Milf’s, Topless Dancers (Strippers) from Gentlemen’s Clubs  like Ricks, Perfect 10 (ten), XTC, The Landing Strip Palazio, Rhino, Expose, the Pink Monkey, Babes, Joy, and even Las Vegas visitors.  There are people from AAA News, XXX-cite, and Adult Video Megaplexxx that visit our club and some that remember Talk of the Town, and Foxxxies  (Foxies) Firehouse from when the Austin Swinger scene was very different.  We have Member of SAADE, GWNN, Austin Voyagers, the GWNN Bash, and even people that worked at Forbidden Fruit that party with us.  Anybody else remember Cinema West, or when there was an extensive selection of all things XXX at Lamar Books and Video, before it became Dreamers ?  Maybe you’ve even driven past Mardi Gras, or the other strange Sex Boutiques in Austin?WE are not a Swingers House Party, or a roaming band of Swingers, Nudists, or Random Sex oriented Couples.  The FRIENDS Club is not a bar, and only partially ties to being a Disco. for Couples . The FRIENDS Club is not just a fuck farm, and though a lot of people find us from Craigslist as they look for fmf, mfmf, mmf, Swingers, Couples for Couples, ffm, or a variety of other things they see what a fun  and adult atmosphere we have at our swinger club, and know we definitely fill the fantasy of more than a meet and greet for swingers. We have a Stripper Pole, a Shadow Box, and a Go-Go Cage in our Club, and of course we have a dance floor, and a DJ.  We have professional lighting, and plenty of seating and can still allow smoking next to the bar if that is what the swinger party is looking to get sexy with.  We do special nights for kink and 5th Fridays are Fetish Friday at The FRIENDS Club.  There are some cuckold relationship people that like to come here and find others to fuck, and there are sexy people with YOUNG hearts and YOUNG attitudes that are attractive and like to fuck as well.   But the emphasis is not on fucking, or on private rooms, or on VIP.   The emphasis is on being the best Swinger Club in Austin and Central Texas, and letting swingers gather and PARTY ! We love couples that visit HIPPY HOLLOW, go to (6th) sixth street,  party at the W, and drink and love alcohol and strippers and sexy times at The FRiENDS Club.   There are people that come from San Antonio, Killeem, San Marcos, and New Braunfels here every weekend on Friday and Saturday.  We PARTY with the swingers and the kinksters and all of the Sexy people in Central Texas and especially Austin all of the time.  We even have people that once attended the swingers club in Austin called The Jungle, and people that go to Temple of Flesh at the club in San Antonio that live in Temple TX ! The FRIENDS Club is definitely a sexy club for swingers and adult XXX fun.  It’s for couple and single women, and we don’t allow single males.  It is not really a dating club in Austin, but it is really a SEXY FUN PART OF THE NIGHTLIFE IN THE CITY.  We hope you join us in our nudity allowed private party space and get to see that it’s not just fucking that make the lifestyle club what it is.  We are all about the sexy, and we’ll show you what good times can be!

WARNING: This website may contain material (or  links  to  material)  that is of an Explicit  Nature,  has  Mature Themes, includes  Sexual Content,   or  is  Adult  Oriented.    If  you  are  offended  by  such  items  or  are  not  of  age to view  such  items  as  those  listed  or  implied in  your  jurisdiction,   please  do  NOT  enter  this  website. Should    you   wish   to   proceed   to   the   body   of   the   website,    on  pressing   ENTER you   are    stating   that   you   have   read   the   following   guidelines   and    are    pressing ENTER  to  provide  an  electronic  signature  showing  agreement  with  those  guidelines. 1.  You are stating that you are an ADULT with a minimum of  18  or  21  years  of  age   (depending on jurisdiction) , and  are legally able to view such material as described.  2.  You  are  stating  that you are not accessing the website for  use  against  the  site  owner(s),  operator(s),  or  any other person in any manner. 3.  You  are  stating  that The First Amendment, the spirit of The  First  Amendment,  and the principles of  The  First Amendment  all  hold  that  FREE ADULT AMERICANS have  the right  to  decide  what  they will view or read at any time without government interference. 4.  You  are  stating  that  partaking  of  such material  as the website  may  hold  is NOT offensive to the  standard  of the  community  in  which  you  live,  or  are  presently in.

The FRIENDS Club is a Premiere Destination for Lifestyle Couples, Swingers, and Adventurous Couples as a whole.  Serving all of Central Texas, and especially those in Austin, we are here for you every week on both Fridays and Saturdays, as well as the occasional random party we throw “just for the hell of it”. We aim to be your Lifestyle Club of choice each and every time you visit the hill country, and consider our club to be an exciting center for Adult Entertainment. The weekend may start on thursday at noon for a few lucky folks, but the majority of us have to wait for Friday or Saturday Night to really get our groove on. No matter what night you choose ... or if you choose them both ... you’ll have a great time at The FRIENDS Club !The FRIENDS Club is a Private, Members Only, Social Club that has never served alcohol, and never will.   By the old school labeling system we would be considered a BYOB Club, though we are not a raucous, hillbillly anything goes type of place.   The majority of our Members bring alcohol to enjoy ranging from Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, and assorted other liquors as well as assorted beers, wine coolers, or just wine or other pre-bottled mixed drinks.  The FRIENDS Club is a safe, discrete place for adventurous couples, single  unescorted females, and of course, Swingers!Unescorted or otherwise single males (preferred or not) are not allowed to attend The FRIENDS Club, but are encouraged to use swinger dating websites like SDC (swingers Date Club), SLS (Swinglifestyle), Kasidie, ASN (Adult Social Network), Lifestyle Lounge, Couplestouch, Love Voodoo, Fetlife, or any other site of their choice to find someone to accompany them to the club. There has been more than one occasion that a couple has invited a gentleman to enjoy our club with them, and there are certainly countless times that a single woman has taken the chance to bring a man out to our club for a first date.As it may be, The FRIENDS Club is run comparable to any other night club .... with a dance floor, a DJ , song requests, and the like.  We don’t have the drink specials, and are very subtle in our seduction, but the the sexy people and sexy times abound all night in our 4 walls.  We’ll leave no doubt that we are a lifestyle club in your mind, but more than that we are an experience and a great place to enjoy. We do not have a VIP Area, as we find that unity among hedonists tends to bring a sexier atmosphere, less inhibition, and much more of a unified frame of mind.There is always something new and exciting going on at The FRIENDS Club, and there are plans for a spinning Stripper pole to join our G0-Go Cage, and shadow box soon.In regards to private play spaces, lounges and vip rooms, we tend to downplay all things that separate portions of our members into cliques.  This allows us to charge one fee for entry and to keep away from anything that might be considered an upcharge .... that tend to be applied selectively, and don’t really allow anything more than providing you a way to say that you payed more for something that everyone else got for free. Luxurious accommodations are only luxurious if you’ve never experienced them before ... so our focus tends to be on emphasizing the party for everyone, as opposed to making as many areas as possible out of reach of for as many people as possible.  This is not to say that we cut corners.  We take great pride in presenting an upscale, socially centered environment with emphasis on the dance floor and interactions from couple to couple.  It’s a club that we choose to emphasize the club aspects in.  If we wanted to be a variety themed hotel that gave each group its own room we’d approach it in a different way. Our club is The FRIENDS Club, previously “Friends”, and we are not associated with PlayersATX, The Players Club (Players SATX) in San Antonio, or any other club that is comparable. 9pm till 1am Thursdays9pm till 2am Fridays9pm till 3am or Late Saturdays WE do hold Premiere/Premier Monthly Parties at The FRIENDS Club, but as with all other aspects of the club we tend to promote all of our parties equally.  Detention Time: Naughty School Girl /Scandalous School Girl, and things like the Little Black Dress Party, or Denim and Diamonds, or TOGA Parties, Mardi Gras Parties, or Porn Star Parties, or even Key Parties all have the potential to be Premiere Parties for Swingers and Lifestyle Couples. PlayersATX 13800 Dragline Dr. Austin Texas 78728 Phone: 512 670-2051Time: 9.00pm - LATECraig  (512) 565-0200 If you have any Questions Holiday Inn Express 14620 N IH35 Austin Texas 78728 Phone" (512) 251-9110 Fax: (512) 251-9112Tell them you're with the PlayersATX Corporate Rate..Hotel Suites for $84.00 PlayersATX Austins Largest Lifestyle Club 13800 Dragline Dr. Austin Texas 78728 Phone: (512) 6

OH MY ... GET OUT OF MOBILE FRIENDLY ASAP.  THE WEBSITE IS DEFINITELY NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY !!! The Swingers Club / Lifestyle Club scene in Austin Texas ( TX ) is an exciting one that is ever evolving and filled with sexy women, adventurous couples, and of course ... Swingers!  Friends has recently evolved to become The FRIENDS Club, and is moving steadily forward to bring you a discreet, engaging, sensual atmosphere to explore The Lifestyle at whatever pace you desire. We look forward to seeing you at The FRIENDS Club, no matter how you approach it ... Swingers Club, Lifestyle Club, or just a wild and sexy diversion from the mundane life that 9 to 5 work weeks can bring about. ! When visiting Austin, Texas (or living in Central Texas) should you consider visiting a Lifestyle Club or Swinger Club we hope you think of The FRIENDS Club as a place to meet other couples, explore things you may consider too racy for your general nightlife escapades, or just as a location to come out and see what the Swinger Lifestyle is all about.  The FRIENDS Club is sexually charged enough for pretty much anything to happen, but reserved enough that you never feel pressure to move forward more than you desire.  The FRIENDS Club is about more than just hooking up, and our theory is that if we can give you an atmosphere that is filled with an erotic heartbeat and like-minded couples all on the same wavelength that the rest of the evening will take care of itself.   After all, this is an adult Swinger Lifestyle Club in Austin, Texas that is designed for swingers, adventurous couples, and single women !!! As mentioned above, The FRIENDS Club Swingers / Lifestyle Club website (about the club in Austin, Texas) may (emphasis on “may”) contain material, or links to mature themed material, explicit material, things of an explicit nature, nudity, sexual content, strong sexual content, XXX sites, or other things that MAY be offensive to some.  Don’t just skip to the Enter button if you are hesitant, or not of legal age to do so.  There are all sorts of sensual items to explore, and this site is mainly geared to swingers and lifestyle couples, but it could also be a connection to Milfs, Gilfs, Lesbians, Bi-Women, BDSM, kink, hotwives, or any number of other sexually charged activities and people !!!